Convert Self-Pay Patients to Payer Reimbursable Accounts

Recover Revenue with Insurance Discovery


Trusted Insurance Discovery

Take control over your facility's uncompensated care numbers and gain visibility into discovered insurance coverages for your self-pay population with Insurance Discovery. Our Insurance Discovery solution is one of the most affordable, reliable and uncomplicated tools for finding insurance coverages for self-pay patients. For a demonstration and to learn more, please contact us today.

Free Assessment

Whether you are looking for an insurance discovery tool or you already have a solution, we offer a free assessment using your data.

Maximize Reimbursement

Reduce write offs and increase reimbursement by finding active billable insurance for patients with missing or incorrect insurance coverage.

No Implementation Required

Get started in minutes. We work with standard file extracts and require no technical resources from your organization.

Expanded Payer Search

Office Ally's Insurance Discovery features an expanded payer search that outperforms competitors by finding up to 30% more coverage opportunities. Our initial search extends back 1-2 years, unearthing previously unnoticed revenue sources and contributing to your hospital's financial stability.

Payer Search

Discover All Applicable Coverage

Insurance Discovery solution goes above and beyond to ensure you discover and verify all applicable coverage types. This includes but is not limited to managed care, advantage replacement, commercial plans (such as HMOs and PPOs), government programs, and more. This comprehensive coverage identification ensures that every eligible claim is pursued, optimizing your revenue recovery efforts.

Custom Workflows

Creating custom workflows in Office Ally's Insurance Discovery allow you to create rules based on various factors, including facility, patient information, state regulations, and payer details. Additionally, you can set specific timing intervals for follow-up searches, ensuring that you don't miss retroactive Medicaid coverage and other time-sensitive opportunities.

Custom Workflows

Lower Days in A/R and Denials

Office Ally's Insurance Discovery solution significantly streamlines your revenue cycle management process by ensuring that claims are sent to the right payers on the first submission. This leads to faster revenue collection and minimized denials. Faster revenue collection means shorter Days in Accounts Receivable (A/R), allowing your organization to access funds more quickly for operational needs. Simultaneously, minimized denials result from accurate claims submissions, reducing administrative work and associated costs. 

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